How animals help enhance a child’s development

Animals provide protection and assistance to hunt during the time when our ancestors walked the Earth. With the world changing as time flies, we are neither required to hunt for food nor need protection from animals at this current modern time.

So do humans still see the value of the unspoken bond with animals at this time? Yes, we do! In fact, magic sparks when we let our young ones interact with animals.

In a collaborative study conducted with the University of Queensland, Australia, caring for animals significantly increased positive social behaviours, and decreased social withdrawal behaviours in children. When children were consistently put together with animals, they will start to learn to care for, interact with, and understand the physical needs, social needs and communication of the animals, enhancing the child’s development in return. 🄰

Getting a family pet is one of the most common way to start your child’s wonderful journey to foster a human-animal bond. Owning a pet helps a child to learn these life values:-

Respect 🄱

Children learn that animals deserve to be treated with care and respect. Animals have limits just like people do and sometimes they want space even though they enjoy the interaction.  Understanding an animal’s boundaries and body language are important and that learned respect translates to respecting other people.

Responsibility 🄲

Participating in the care of an animal helps a child to learn good habits. They will learn accountability and that they are depended upon by a living thing which also help the child to develop a conscience.

Empathy 🄳

Children learn to respond to their pet’s needs and may witness their pet’s fear and anxiety in an unfamiliar place or around loud noises, comforting them helps children learn how to feel the way others feel, becoming more empathetic.

Self-esteem 🄴

Animals are non-judgemental and will always there to “listen” and be a source of affection for children. Many children find comfort in shedding a tear or sharing their secrets with their family companion.

Overcoming of fears 🄵

Children who grow up with animals are generally less fearful of animals as they become familiar to being around them and their behaviour, which makes them less anxious about the unknown.

If there are circumstances do not allow for a family pet, there are other ways to let your child be close to animals like bringing them to the zoo or a farm, or perhaps board your child in a nature or farmyard preschool!

Here in Halswell, Christchurch, New Zealand, there is a farmyard childcare centre named The Nurtury that believes and promotes outdoor play and learning with their farm animals.

With a team of qualified, professional and caring early-childhood teachers, every energetic young one will be having a great time at The Nurtury.

The Nurtury provides warm and nourishing food they serve to the children direct from their certified kitchen too.

The Nurtury is open from Monday to Friday, 7am to 5.30pm. Come on down to their centre for a look-see, they will be happy to welcome you.
For more information or enquiries, please visit their website, call +64 03 349 4028 or email to