Healthy Eating for Children: Warm Food or Cold Food?

There may be several times that when you are preparing food for the children, one question pops up, “is warm food better in comparison to cold food?” Well, that is actually a very good question! It would depend on many factors to decide on which is more suited for the children that will be eating the food.

Here is my take on the comparison of warm food versus cold food.

Easy on the Stomach for Digestion and More Nutrition Yield : Warm Food

According to a 2003 study by H. Englyst & S. Kingman, some foods are resistant to being broken down when consumed raw but were rendered rapidly digestible by all conventional cooking techniques. 🄰 With that said, we surely know that warm food is the go-to for children as their digestive system are still in the process of maturing with less digestive enzymes for digestion process.

Better Metabolism for Energy Release : Warm Food

Cold food has a detrimental effect on the digestive system and slows down metabolism, which would in turn release less energy for the body to make use of. 🄱 Having warm food eases metabolism thus releasing sufficient energy for your children to be their active selves!

Taste and Satisfaction : Warm Food

This might be the main thing that the child would be interested in. It determines whether the child would eat it or not. (No pressure there! 😉) Having warm food often brings more satisfaction than cold food as the thermogenic (warming) effect slightly increases the temperature in your brain, which results in much more contentment of the meal. 🄲

Allergens Avoidance : Warm Food

Milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish are the more common foods that could trigger allergic reaction in children. Some of the mentioned foods may be altered to no longer cause allergic reaction by sufficiently heating them up. 🄳 Therefore, warm food have more assurance to consume without getting triggering allergies than cold food.

Portability : Cold Food

If you are packing lunch for your child, portability is one of the factors that you would certainly consider as you wouldn’t want your kid to lug something that is too heavy or bulky to school. Cold food is easier to bring around with a cool pack in its packaging while warm food would require a thermal packaging, which is usually heavier, to maintain its warm temperature for a longer time.

In Conclusion

It is up to you, really! Though in this article warm food would seem to be the better choice, if convenience is much desired or the kids are only interested in food from either side of the temperature spectrum, just go with what you think is more suitable. What’s more important is that the little diner enjoys the meal and gets the necessary nutrients in to stay healthy.

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