THE PRE-SCHOOL (approximately 2 - 4 years old)

As your young child grows from being a toddler to being ready for school he/she is:

  • continuing to develop independence
  • curious and asking lots of questions
  • becoming interested in a growing range of experiences and topics
  • finding out more about the social and physical world
  • developing problem solving strategies
  • developing new capacities for creating art, music, and dance
  • growing memory capacity
  • able to focus for longer periods of time

The Pre-school programme provides:

  • opportunities and support for new challenges and projects
  • opportunities for creative expression, including art, storytelling and imaginative play
  • support to develop social skills of relating to others, making friendships and being part of a group
  • support to develop concepts of fairness, difference and similarity
  • a rich literacy environment of story reading, telling and recreating
  • opportunities for unfamiliar routines, alongside routines of Kai and group times
  • trained teachers who support development of literacy and numeracy skills
  • opportunities to consolidate and refine physical skills
  • trained teachers who scaffold and support your child’s learning