TRANSITIONING ( around 2 years old )

In the process of transitioning from the Nursery to the Preschool, your toddler is:

  • becoming independent and gaining control of his/her world
  • active, curious and energetic
  • increasing in knowledge and understanding of the world
  • rapidly acquiring physical, social and reasoning skills
  • developing verbal communication skills
  • both resisting and finding comfort in routines
  • experiencing a wide variety of feelings, ideas and actions

The Pukeko Chicks Programme provides:

  • trained teachers who are responsive to your child’s needs
  • trained teachers who understand your child’s developmental frustrations and emotions
  • opportunities to develop self-help and independence skills
  • encouragement to develop verbal language skills
  • independent and spontaneous exploration and movement
  • social interaction to develop non-verbal and verbal communication
  • challenges and predictable happenings
  • a flexible approach to transition, dependent upon your child’s readiness