TRANSITION TO SCHOOL (Approximately 4.5 – 5 years old)

In these last few months at Pre-school, he/she is:

  • able to self-regulate and self-manage
  • confident and positive about him/herself as a learner
  • able to listen and follow basic instructions
  • focus for sustained periods of time
  • developing social competency, interacting appropriately with adults and peers
  • learning more about own preferences, skills and abilities
  • needing more challenge as curiosity, knowledge and interests grow
  • acquiring basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • continuing to develop physical skills

The Transition to School programme provides:

  • trained teachers to challenge, scaffold and support learning in all curriculum areas
  • a focus on basic numeracy skills – patterns, comparisons, ordering, measuring, grouping, recognising and writing numerals, counting, problem solving
  • a focus on basic literacy skills – concepts of print, story reading, telling and recreating, recognising and writing letters, their name and some basic words
  • opportunity for thinking and expressing opinions, ideas and feelings
  • a project/inquiry approach where children are given choice and are able to make decisions about their learning